There are hundreds of dialect/accents in Vietnam. It differs from region to region and even two adjacent neighborhood might have 2 different accents already. But in general, there are 3 main dialects (Northern, Southern, and Mid-Region ) Which one should be your dialect SOUTHERN OR NORTHERN VIETNAMESE: WHAT ACCENT SHOULDContinue Reading

Like other languages,  the Vietnamese language has many accents and dialects. In this post, we are trying to point out some pronunciation differences between the Northern and Southern accents. TONES While dấu huyền (low-falling tone), dấu sắc (high-rising tone) và dấu ngang (mid-level tone) sound the same in the 2Continue Reading

Making a request is common in any language. It is important to make appropriate requests in specific situations in order not to sound impolite or awkward.   VOCABULARY mượn : borrow cho someone mượn something: lend someone something e.g Tôi cho bạn mượn quyển sách. tờ giấy : a piece of paperContinue Reading