Can I choose my teacher?

Yes, you can. You can click here to learn more about teachers that you think might fit your learning style. Each teacher has a demo teaching video, you can easily find on their profile. Every teacher a nice way of having at least two years of experience in teaching languages. All of them have the Southern Dialect, and we teach the same textbook

Do I need special equipment to learn with SVFF?

During the class, you need to look at a textbook, and also to look at a teacher. So we recommend you to have a big-screen device with a camera, so you can easily read in a textbook and talk to your teacher. Most students use a laptop or a PC when learning Vietnamese.

Do we have a textbook when learning Vietnamese 1-on-1 online?

Yes, you will have the textbook, and it’s free. This has included in your tuition already. Besides textbooks, you can also be given audio files and many other materials to support your learning Vietnamese. To learn more about how 1-on-1 online class works, click here

What should I do to reschedule the lesson?

We recommend you avoid changing schedule, but if you have to, you can tell the teacher about rescheduling the class 48 hours, prior to the meeting. If you do it in less than 48 hours,  a punishment will be applied. To learn more about rescheduling and cancellation policy, click here 

How much is one online lesson?

The price varies depending on which package you choose. The most common package days 150USD for 10 lessons, which is around $15USD/hour. To learn more about other payment options click here

Which payment methods can I use to purchase lessons?

We accept PayPal. But if you’re living in Vietnam, You can transfer our local bank account. 

How do I book a lesson?

Students should have a 30 minutes trial lesson with us first, so you can experience how one on one online class like. To register for a free 30-minute trial lesson click here

Is the teacher’s calendar in my time zone?

When we send you a link to register, the time will be shown in your local time.  So you don’t need to worry about the time zone difference. 

If I want to cancel a lesson, how can I do that?

Canceling a lesson is allowed as long as you tell your teacher and SVFF, 48 hours in advance,  prior to the meeting. To learn more about cancellation policy click here.

Can I receive a refund after cancelling a course?

Unfortunately, you can’t have a refund, but you can give the privilege to learn the remaining lessons you already paid for to another student by contacting us via this email. learn more about refund policy click here