Description For centuries, but only in spoken form for most of the earlier years, the Vietnamese language (in Vietnamese: Tiếng Việt, or Tieng Viet without accent marks) has existed. Classical Chinese (~9th =>13th Century), Chữ Nôm (13th => 17th) and Romanized script (17th => Present) were the writing systems usedContinue Reading

The Introduction to the Vietnamese Language has provided you with the most significant features of the entire language. We will learn the most important grammatical characteristics of the Vietnamese language in this very first lesson of the Express Grammar Course, especially when compared with English. Vietnamese Structure of Sentence WeContinue Reading

Introduction to Typing Vietnamese Learning to type Vietnamese is learning to type its alphabet and (or more correctly diacritics) its 5 accent marks. Below is the full Vietnamese Alphabet and the 5 accent marks: Vietnamese alphabet a, ă, â, b, c, d, đ, e, ê, g, h, i, k, l,Continue Reading

In this lesson, we’ll learn how to write Vietnamese by quickly learning the most fundamental and useful knowledge about Vietnamese words. The next lesson on how to speak Vietnamese would give you the other half of the picture. The Alphabet of Vietnam The alphabet, the collection of letters or symbolsContinue Reading

It’s time to learn how to speak Vietnamese after you’ve had a strong base on how to write Vietnamese. A very unique feeling is the opportunity to say even a few basic words and phrases in the target language very frequently! Vietnamese is a tonal language (i.e., with accent marksContinue Reading