You will get a “very difficult” response if you ask a Vietnamese person about their language. This is nearly the general opinion of individuals. So you almost feel dismayed when you think about how to learn Vietnamese. Vietnamese, however, might be simpler than what you think. It is unquestionable thatContinue Reading

Beyond making phone calls and receiving text messages, a smartphone is a cell phone that provides advanced features. The majority of smartphones can show images, play videos, check and send e-mails, and surf the Web. Modern smartphones can run third-party software, such as iPhones and Android-based phones, which have unlimited functionality.

Watching video to learn more.

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Vietnamese people are, generally speaking, extremely forgiving. They’ve seen strangers do some fairly idiotic stuff, so whatever errant errors you end up making, they won’t really bother them all that much. A smile and an apology, however, are universal. Here are 11 things you can stop doing in Vietnam toContinue Reading

SVFF is a team of Vietnamese teachers with a lot of experience and now we are providing our new services : Translate Vietnamese to English Translate English to Vietnamese Make video subtitles in English and Vietnamese Who translates my text? SVFF Team has a community of more than 20 professionalContinue Reading

It’s neither difficult nor easy to learn Vietnamese. Many more elements of Vietnamese grammar, as we will see, are d’ rather than khó. Realistically, it is more appropriate to conclude that Vietnamese is “an simple language” rather than “a hard language.” However, it is very difficult to say one aspect of Vietnamese, the pronunciation.

This is Sebastián, a friendly man from Colombia and one of our best student. He has learned Viet with SVFF for 7 months. Watch the video to see what is he thinking about learning Vietnamese with SVFF !

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