An informal lesson is a lesson focusing on speaking freely on a topic with the aim of helping students to practice and improve their speaking skill.

Who are informal lessons suitable for?

  • Students must be of intermediate level or above
  • Those who want to learn to speak Vietnamese in more advanced level
  • Those who want to focus on speaking naturally and freely
  • Those who are not interested in learning with text books

What you’ll learn

  • Practice speaking Vietnamese freely on various topics with a set of prepared guiding questions
  • Expand vocabulary on various actual topics.

What happens in an informal class?

  • Topics are various and being freely chosen by the student.
  • Students are encouraged to speak the most in the class
  • Conversations between the student and the teacher will be conducted mostly in Vietnamese
  • The teacher listens attentively to the student and helps to suggest correct pronunciation, grammar, natural ways of using vocabulary.
  • The teacher help the student to summarize the lesson and highlight what to focus on after the lesson.

Text and Learning Materials

  • Free speaking with guiding lessons (designed by SVFF team)
  • Audio files in Southern Dialect included for the ebook
  • Online sources: online news, readings, videos, movies, etc (carefully chosen by SVFF)
  • Glossary created by SVFF
  • New Free Speaking Topic is added every week.

More Than 100 Topics you may want to choose

You can learn more about all topics here:

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