About Me

Xin chào! My name is Thu Trang.
Why do you want to learn Vietnamese?
Are you struggling with speaking Vietnamese?
Whatever the reasons bringing you here, let us make it easy and fun to learn and practice Vietnamese.

Me as a teacher

Starting from 2009, I’ve been teaching English for 11 years and Vietnamese for a year now. I fully understand learning and teaching styles and I am experienced to use those in my classes. I love teaching and helping my students overcome problems when they are studying a new language.

I was born and raised in Nha Trang, 400 km north of Sai Gon and I am confident that my clear Southern accent can help you to understand and speak Vietnamese.

During my 6 years as local guide and tour leader, I had good time teaching visitors both about my culture and my language. The feedback I got have always been positive.

My Lesson & Teaching Style

My teaching philosophy is simple: Practice makes perfect, when practice and fun at the same time it is even easier to learn.

I believe the best way to learn a language is to drown yourself with real dialogues and many drills for practice. Join me in each lesson which is an hour long with fun conversations where I include audios, videos, pictures and activities in order to make it interesting and practical.

Work Experience

* Vietnamese teacher of English & Chief of Academic Officer
2016 – present
* Vietnamese teacher of English & Lead Teacher Trainer
2010 – 2016
* Vietnamese teacher of English & Senior Academic Trainer
2009 – 2010
* Local guide & Tour Leader
2007 – present


2008 – 2011: Da Nang University
Bachelor’s – Translation and Interpretation

2003 -2006: NhaTrang Teachers’ Training College
Bachelor’s – Teaching in Primary

2020: IELTS 7.0 overall
2019: TOEIC 905
2018: Teaching English to Speakers of Foreign Languages ( TESOL)