About Me

“There are three core things about me that you might want to know. They are my name, my passion for teaching and my ability to teach Vietnamese.
My name is Nhật Duyên, my father gave me that beautiful name and his explanation for its meaning was “Things happen for a reason, you meet someone for a reason and it’s called ‘duyên’. In Vietnam, every single name has its own meaning. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? I myself found Vietnamese is so much interesting and that’s why I’m really passionate about teaching this language for foreigners to share with them these beauties.
I found teaching to be the most rewarding thing and I love interacting with people from different cultures all over the world. Since the day I started my first lesson, I found my special ability to teach and it has been easy for me to be friend with the learners and deliver the language to them. I’ve had so much fun lessons and unforgettable memories of teaching which reminds me to pursue my teaching career. Being a member of SVFF family is a pleasure and it also is a chance for me to create great things with SVFF wonderful team.”

Me as a teacher

For me teaching language is more than just words and their definitions, it is about the meaning behind words and the expressions that native speakers can catch. As a Vietnamese teacher, I prefer to be a Vietnamese tour guide who is using Vietnamese language to get you one step closer to the beautiful culture of Vietnam and find your own interest while you’re learning. That also means you’ll get a friend who can tell you all about Vietnam, about friendly people, amazing food, incredible landscapes and so much more.

My Lesson & Teaching Style

When planning I try to create fun and effective lessons through a learner-centered approach which allows the students to discover the language themselves. When teaching my learners and I can discuss interesting topics and practice language that they actually want to use. This means we will discuss frankly to make sure the content of lessons is what exactly they want to learn and how they wish to use the language afterward.

Work Experience

  • “English teacher: One-on-one and group lessons since June 2017
  • Private Vietnamese tutor since September 2019″


  • “College of Foreign Economic Relations From 2013-2016
    Bachelor of International Business “


  • IELTS  British Council 2019
     Certificate Uploaded