We want to inform you about our new platform allow you to access to your materials, textbook, and audio, everything is just on one site.


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This site also allowing you to  :

  • Taking note for each lessons
  • Looking from a dictionary
  • Accessing all of your materials in just in one site
  • Audio are included in the same page of your textbook, you don’t have to open many sites
  • Add new vocabulary into your words list, so you can review later.
  • Use this site on any devices as long as it as internist connections.

More great features are coming soon

How to login? 

Fro every current 1-on-1 student, SVFF creates an account with your email that is used to contact SVFF.

Here are steps to Login

Step 1: Go to this site https://svff.vietnameseinpractice.com/ 

Step 2: Click Login

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Step 3: Fill in your email and password. If you are login for the first time, click Forgot Password to set up a new password

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Note: You can use these account from all apps created by SVFF. Same password and same user. And ofcourse, our current 1-on-1 students from SVFF will benefit all of our apps with no fee

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Because this is the new platform, so if there are any errors, feel free to tell us so we can update as soon as possible.

Watch the following video to learn more:

If you have any question, feel free to ask us, 

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